Monday, December 12, 2011

Can I be fixed?

When I was very young, I remember being dropped off at a therapist's office. There, I would tell her about my life at school and everything that was going on at home. I realize, now, that instead of talking more to my dear mother about my life and searching for those little nuggets of wisdom on entering womanhood, I was under analysis as if I were a "problem" that needed fixing. My mom is a very special lady. I love her dearly. My whole family was convinced that we needed "experts" on these situations. Life is not something to be "fixed." What if we are never "fixed?" What if we are given the challenges and struggles in this broken world and they never go away on this side of heaven? I need the gift of Faith to empower me to live out this life that God has willed for me to live. It may not get better now, but I long for the day that I enter into my eternal rest with Him. Every tear will be wiped away and I will not know of this pain anymore. All things will be made right. I must search for the Truth like it is hidden treasure! The Truth heals. For now, I will not give up.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Story

 My Story

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